The Bartley Riding Academy offers quality riding lessons and horsemanship training to all our clients. We specialize in teaching clients on our experienced and reliable mounts.

We also take pride in teaching good basic skills to give all riders the best possible start to their riding, whether it be for pleasure riding or competition. This involves giving pupils skills in dressage, jumping and the very important safety aspect needed to ride horses in any situation.

To join the Riding Academy you need no previous riding skills or horse interaction. We provide the situation and the opportunity to start your journey in becoming a confident rider.






Due to the winter months we have decided that the riding school horses derserve a break so therefore this all we are offering for the July holiday programmes.


We offer holiday programmes to all levels. Our courses consist of correct learning of basic to advanced skills, experience handling horses in a safe manor, while having fun in enjoying the learning process of horse riding. All Beginner and Advanced beginner children will be supplied a helper to teach and help to assist to pre pare the ponies. We have experienced teachers and helpers to make your learning experience enjoyable and safe.



Thursday 9th July and Friday 10th July 9am till 3pm $320

Start to learn basic skills on the horse and horsemanship. Gain confidence on and around your pony. We will be running this course at 2 levels for beginners and more advanced riders! Will be lots of fun and cool prizes up for grabs. (Ages 6years – 10years & 11years plus) No exp needed



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If you are interested in any of the courses above, Please fill out an application form online and please state which course you would like to attend. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! BOOKINGS CONFIRMED AFTER PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED.