The Bartley Riding Academy offers quality riding lessons and horsemanship training to all our clients. We specialize in teaching clients on our experienced and reliable mounts.

We also take pride in teaching good basic skills to give all riders the best possible start to their riding, whether it be for pleasure riding or competition. This involves giving pupils skills in dressage, jumping and the very important safety aspect needed to ride horses in any situation.

To join the Riding Academy you need no previous riding skills or horse interaction. We provide the situation and the opportunity to start your journey in becoming a confident rider.

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We offer holiday programmes to all levels. Our courses consist of correct learning of basic to advanced skills, experience handling horses in a safe manor, while having fun in enjoying the learning process of horse riding. All Beginner and Advanced beginner children will be supplied a helper to teach and help to assist to pre pare the ponies. We have experienced teachers and helpers to make your learning experience enjoyable and safe.


BEGINNERS/ ADV BEGINNERS 2 DAY COURSE: Monday 19th  and Tuesday 20th January 9am till 3pm $300

“Ribbon day” Learn basic skills and then compete in a mini Ribbon day.  Will be lots of fun, and cool prizes. (Ages 6years – 10years & 11years plus) No exp needed

INTERMEDIATE  CAMP: Tuesday 13th , Wed 14th and  Thurs 15th January $500

Camp held at the riding school for 3 days. Students will sleep over for the duration of the camp and compete in a 3 day event, Dressage, SJ and cross country!  (Ages 10+, MUST be able to Canter and jump confidently)

ADULT RIBBON DAY: Wednesday 21st January 5.30pm onwards $65, own $45

Fun adult ribbon day for all level adults.

SHOWHUNTER FUN DAY: Practice evening

Date to be confirmed

PRACTICE RIDING DAY: Monday 22nd December 9am – 3pm $75.00

This is a day where you can come and spend the day with your horse and have a free time practice session and another group fun activity. Approx 2 + hours riding plus spending that time with the horses on the ground. This is a great opportunity to come along and practise your skills and learn a few more. Open to adv beginners and up including adults. Limited spaces for horse availability.

If you are not able to attend this practice day and If this is something you would like to attend on a more regular basis please let us know your feedback so we can put on more days through Jan 2015.




If you are interested please contact us through email / phone or put your name down on the conformation sheet at the school on noticeboard.