Katrina Fawcett

I first began riding lessons with Karren about ten years ago. Karren is a wonderful riding teacher and will take you as far as you wish to go while progressing at your own pace. With Karrens advice I have now chosen my own Horse, and together we grow and develop with guidance and training of Karren and Jessica at the Bartley Riding Academy.

Jade Kumar

I have been going to Karren for riding lessons for the last sixteen years. Karren is a wonderful instructor who over the years has taught me all the basics needed for not only riding but also owning my own Horse. Karren has helped me become the confident rider that I am today and She is always ready with a smile if you need help for any reason.

Katie Mune

I have been riding at the Bartley Riding School for about seven years. It is my “me” time… or perhaps therapy. I had ridden as a child through to my early adult years and after a very long break away I loved being back in the saddle. Read More

Anushka Zaveri

I came to Karren 6 years ago as a very nervous rider who had been pushed too far too fast.

Karren and Jess are so patient and dedicated, and teach each rider to an appropriate level in order to bring out the best them. In my case, they have known exactly when to push me out of my comfort zone to ensure I keep growing as a rider and extend my skill set.

Safety is key, and their horsemanship lessons make sure that their riders have knowledge of  how to manage the horses on the ground, right from getting the horses out of the paddock to putting them away for the night.
I have had the chance to take part in mini competitions, and open day performances which I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. It is this extra effort that makes Bartley riding academy an amazing place to be.
In the last couple of years i  haven’t been able  to ride as much as I would like due to being away for university but I look forward to coming back each holidays to see what new things are happening around the place and what new competition ideas Karren and Jess have come up with.
I would recommend the Bartley riding academy to anyone because it has such a friendly atmosphere, horses with character, and is run by two of the most dedicated and passionate l horse people I know  🙂

Steph Coker

I’ve known and been riding with Karren and Jessica for 17 years.
I started as a child and thoroughly enjoy the hands on approach
Karren has to teaching.

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