Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do i need to wear to riding lessons?

A: You need to wear long comfortable pants e.g track pants, Suitable covered shoes with a heel. We provide helmets for the first term, then we strongly recommend you purchase your own correctly fitted helmet as this is a major safety issue in riding.

Q: How long is each lesson?
A: Each lesson is for 55min. Riders need to try to arrive 20min before lesson time to assist with horse care and to start the lesson on time. We encourage the riders to be involved in horsecare after the lesson if possible.

Q: Will we be taught horsemanship?

A: Yes. This is a very important part of learning to ride for saftey of horses and riders. We teach level one and two horsemanship in the riding school schedule. This is compulsary for all students who attend and ride our school ponies. These lessons are taught in the lesson term.

Q: As a parent or friend, where am i allowed to go?

A: We have a viewing room where family and friends may watch the lessons. It is very important that this is a quiet zone and appreciate no distraction to pupils while learning. Children need to be minded at all times. We have a no running policy for everyone’s safety, horses are easily spooked. This is within the complex and in driveway area. Only riding school pupils are allowed in the horse area. Please abide by signs.

Q: Who will assist the riders?

A: We have staff who assist in supervising the riders to prepare their horses for riding and general horsemanship. We like the riders to learn to be confident around the horses and to participate as this is part of learning to ride. Therefore there is no need for parental assistance.

Q; How do we pay and when?

A: At the time of enrollment you will be sent an invoice for the term via email OR post. Fees need to be paid before pupils can attend lessons. We have a NO PAY NO RIDE policy.