Lesson fees are strictly payable in full OR paid in two instalments by the due dates. Non payment of fees may result in the loss of enrolment position.

Lesson fees invoices are sent via email before commencement of the term.

If a student fails to pay by those due dates for any reason, it will be put in the hands of the debt collector.

Group and private lesson fees are paid by term by term basis, approximately 8-11 weeks and you are signing up for that ENTRE term and payment must be received.

Students class time will roll over to following term and students will stay enrolled until they cancel.

Private 1 off casual lessons are paid per lesson and payment must be received in advance before attendance.

Discount for 3 or more family members attending a full terms lessons.

Discount for 2 or more rides per week by 1 rider only and must be attending full terms tuition

Discount for private lessons booked for the entre term of 10%.


After commencement of classes, NO refund will be given, Unless-
Unable to ride due to illness OR injury (not temporary) and a medical certificate is produced. A cancellation fee of $100 will apply. Remaining fees will be returned or transferred to another term. This will be determined by management.

Failure to cancel the lesson before the appropriate time frame or at all, will result in no refund or make up


Students are expected to spend a total of 1 hour and 30minutes at the school. To prepare your horse (15min), to have the lesson (55min) and to turn out your horse (15min). This encouraging the rider to have more learning time caring for the horse e.g Brushing, tacking up and down and turning horses out. This is vital to learning how to ride is also how to deal with these animals.

Failure to arrive 15min before lesson time to prepare your horse means you will arrive late into your lesson. After school 4pm lessons have an exception to arrive after school as quickly as possible.

Regular class attendance is vital for students to develop confidence and skills to becoming a horse rider. Students must be punctual and motivated to get results.


Restricted to one make up lesson per term.
Make up lessons must be taken within one month of the date of absence unless discussed with management.
Make up lessons will not necessarily be with the original instructor.
We cannot guarantee the availability of make up lessons. They will only be provided if spaces are available which means you will join another class as suitable as possible but not always the case.
Make up lesson may be claimed if we have been notified in advance. For Monday – Thursday by at least 8am the same day as your lesson, and Saturdays 8pm the previous night if not prior. Notice given any later will not be able to redeem there make up lesson.
Students with their own horse attending group or private lessons, you may re schedule a new lesson time and the 1 make up lesson rule doesn’t apply however they need to be made up before the end of the current term.
Credit or transfers to next term or another student are not available as an alternative.


Bartley Riding Academy is not liable for personal injury sustained or any loss or damage of personal property whilst on the premises.
Bartley Riding Academy will aim to provide a safe learning environment to reduce risk of injury. It should be recognised by all students, parents/guardians that horse riding by its very nature carries a risk of accident and/or injury.

Bartley Riding Academy provides qualified and/or experienced instructors and/or staff, who actively promote safe practise on and around horses. This being the case should it be realised that injuries do occur from time to time and students must accept this element of risk.
It is the student/parent/ guardian’s responsibility to notify their teacher in the event of injury, medical condition, or learning disability prior to class commencement.

All riders MUST wear their helmet while in the yard at all times. NO exceptions. This exempts staff. We supply helmets for students but cannot guarantee the snug fit needed so we recommend buying your own fitted helmet for your safety.

Students are required to wear long pants, covered shoes and a helmet at all times. It is recommended to buy your own horse riding gear for comfort and safety after 1 terms riding if not before.

If a student has a fall OR injury during class time a parent or guardian will be notified. If a student falls and has contact with their head on the ground they will not be able to mount the horse again due to possible concussions. This decision is made by the instructor present that the fall.

All non riders must abide by our rules at the yard by not stepping into the areas that only riders OR horses are allowed and follow instructions of our staff
Non riders are allowed to watch the lessons from our viewing areas but must reframe from interfering while the student is in class. This is a quiet area as horses are sensitive to noise and this is for horse and rider safely. No running around the premises, driveway, walk way of any persons. If you have children it is your responsibility to supervise at all times on our premises.

The Bartley Riding Academy has a weight restriction of 95 kgs. We are not able to take any heavier riders and we reserve the right to turn away riders who are over this weight limit upon arrival. This is in the interest of both horse and rider safety.

The Bartley Riding Academy will match your mount to your suitability. We encourage to ride different horses to gain more knowledge and confidence. There are no guarantees you will ride the same horse every week, unless you are taking private lessons then horses can be more selected. We endeavour to fill each request but never a guarantee.